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Celebrating female power

I wrote My Thirty-First Year (And Other Calamities) to help normalize abortion and the conversation around it. Facts matter, and abortion has been a fact of daily life for centuries. I also wanted to reduce shame and stigma around some of the other challenges women face, like toxic relationships, divorce, dating, pregnancy and motherhood, biological clocks, and bad sex. Everything I write aims to validate women's experiences, inspire candid conversation about them, and celebrate female power . . . with a healthy dose of humor. 

On her 30th birthday . . .

. . . Yale-educated Zoe Greene was supposed to be married to her high-school sweetheart, pregnant with their first baby, and practicing law in Chicago. Instead, she’s planning an abortion and filing for divorce. Zoe wants to understand why her plans failed—to move on, have sex, and date while there's still time. As she navigates dysfunctional penises, a paucity of grammatical online dating profiles, and her paralyzing fear of aging alone, she grapples with the pressure women feel to put others first. Her family, friends, incomparable therapist, and diary of never-to-be-sent letters to her first loves, the rock band, U2, help Zoe learn to let go—of society’s constructs of female happiness, and of her own.

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Named a

"Best Audiobook

of 2022"

by Library Journal

Emily Wolf author
Praise for My Thirty-First Year

"Bad romance, messy divorce, traumatic abortion … and rock and roll. There’s a ring of authentic experience in Emily Wolf’s surprisingly light-hearted novel about some very heavy topics. There’s also a lot of U2, the author’s favourite band, and mine too. Somewhere between How to Be a Woman and Achtung Baby, Wolf tells the strange and touching tale of how the love of a good band might just save your life."

—Neil McCormick, author of Killing Bono

"Emily Wolf's My Thirty-First Year serves as a real life road map for women’s lives today. Through Zoe Greene, she shows the rest of us that rules are made to be broken—but you have to learn which ones. Most important, the novel is a thoroughly modern romance, proving that true love is only possible through self love."


—Mimi Swartz, Executive Editor, Texas Monthly and author of Ticker and Power Failure

“Nothing is as hard as writing about a touchy subject while keeping your audience intrigued, entertained, and wanting more. But that is what Emily Wolf does in her debut novel, My Thirty-First Year (And Other Calamities). Ms. Wolf is able to write about abortion with a fine combination of confusion and self-discovery; just very human storytelling.”


—Susan Rubin, award-winning playwright, Ms. Magazine and Funny or Die writer, author of The Road Not Taken

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