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Like Zoe Greene, I fell in love with U2 when I heard The Joshua Tree in 1987. U2 is a through-line in My Thirty-First Year (And Other Calamities) and has been a through-line in my life for 35 years. Their music has evoked, released, identified, mirrored, and helped me process my emotions, and the unfettered joy I get from unwrapping their albums, listening to their music—and holy shit, seeing them live—is nothing less than magic.

my desert island album
Achtung Baby album

Achtung Baby

my favorite concert

Vertigo tour, 2005, Milwaukee, WI

Vertigo tour U2
Emily Wolf and friend
my best U2 moment

Watching Bono laugh at my best concert buddy, Gaby, and me—just two grown-ass women squealing and dancing and freaking out in front of the stage—during a 2017 concert in Chicago.

my favorite songs
U2 song list.png
best U2-related and all-around brilliant book that every creative person must read
killing bono book
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Killing Bono, by Neil McCormick

best U2 concert photography 
U2 collectors books
best U2 collector's books

U2 by U2, by Neil McCormick

U2 & I, by Anton Corbijn

U2 Show, by Diana Scrimgeour

my love letter to U2
Emily Wolf love letter to U2
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