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Press and Media Appearances

Dr. Darian Parker podcast. 

Watch the episode here or on  YouTube, or listen to the audio on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Spirit Coffee Talk podcast. 

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The Literary Nook Q&A. 

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A Bookish Chat with the Writers Life eMagazine. 

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20 Questions with Blogging Authors. 

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Emily Wolf On The 5 Things You Need To Be A Successful Author or Writer. 

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Discovered Wordsmiths Podcast. 

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Q&A in the West University Buzz. 

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Love Talk Live with The Relationship Expert, Jaime Bronstein. 

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Selected Goodreads Reviews

Lots of books try to do the 30-something newly-single woman on the path to self discovery thing, but not in a particularly raw and honest way. If you’ve done that journey, you know it’s way less precious that it’s usually written to be. This book doesn’t do that. It’s raw and candid. I guffawed and was horrified along with Zoe as she navigates her way out of the small and inauthentic box she was put in by her manipulative (maybe certifiably narcissistic?) husband. Relationships are messy, weird and awkward, and so are humans. This first-time author doesn’t shy away from that reality and the result is an honest and compelling narrative that I actually recognize as real.

—Emily Miller, Goodreads

* * * 

I loved this book so much I immediately bought a copy for my daughter for her 30th birthday. Every woman turning 30 will laugh, cry and feel more self-compassion after reading this novel, which I cannot recommend highly enough. You don't even really have to be turning 30; I was 56 when I read it and I still thoroughly enjoyed every page.

The main character is a smart, sassy survivor, and from the opening scene, in which she is getting a lecture about the state of her underwear from her mom while getting an abortion, you know you are in skilled authorial hands.

Even though one in four women has an abortion, few novels ever bring up this unmentionable subject, let alone treat it with cheeky irreverence and show a character having a happy ending despite one. The abortion is still not treated lightly; it's a terrible wrenching decision the character makes and things happen in the novel that could make her maudlin over the decision, but she responds like an adult with a full life that includes more than her reproductive choices. Just all around a delightful, refreshing way to handle a normal part of all women's lives.

Beyond that, the character's concerns over her career, her friendships, and her love life all ring true, and the book offers no magical outcomes, yet one still has the sense that the character will definitely get to live happily ever after just because she's awesome, and who doesn't need that life lesson? I love this book, and you and your daughters will, too.

—Lanette Sweeney, Goodreads

* * * 

This opens with a really emotional scene, and before you know it, you've slipped into Zoe's life. There are some relatable moments, some heartbreaking ones, and some that will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. I really felt like I was quietly watching someone's life unfold before me. There's some dark humor sprinkled in, which I can really appreciate, as it's how I deal with unexpected curveballs in my own life. If you enjoy women's fiction and emotional journeys through the twists and turns of life, you're going to fall in love with this book.

—Liliyana Shadolyn, Goodreads

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